Bowen Technique

The Bowen technique is a remedial hands on therapy that is applied to the body using gentle/light pressure. The aim is to stimulate the muscles and soft tissues by working on precise points of the body. The practitioner will apply the pressure using thumbs and fingers in a unique rolling-type method. There is no hard force or manipulation applied to the tissues and the practitioner will work in a gentle, pain-free way in an effort to prompt the body to reset, repair and
balance itself.

During the treatment session the therapist will take a full case history and will tailor a treatment plan to suit their needs. The work is then applied through light clothing and lasts around 45-60 mins. It is advisable to have an initial set of 3 treatments scheduled 5-7 days apart to establish whether the client is likely to respond to the treatment. It is also asked that the client does not mix Bowen with other forms of holistic treatment, so the body can be allowed to undertake a process of repair without interruption or contradiction.


60 mins £53.00

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