Miguel Aharon

Before working as a therapist, Miguel previously trained in Fine Arts. He feels that skills of observation and intuition that he cultivated on this course are central to his massage treatments.

He became fascinated by body therapy after experiencing first hand the benefits of yoga. He was initially drawn into Shiatsu therapy which taught him how to modulate energy imbalances at the body to achieve a general sense of well-being. He subsequently trained in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. During the last 10 years working as a therapist, he refined his palpation and hands-on skills.

In 2017, Miguel qualified in Sports massage BTEC level 5 and more recently he trained in advanced Myofascial release. At this courses he learned a broad range of soft tissue techniques to ease musculoskeletal pain and tension often as a result of adverse body alignment or emotional stress. He has worked with boxers, martial arts practitioners and dancers by helping them to recover from an injury but he is equally at home treating clients that require nothing more than a relaxing massage.

Miguel works as a part-time in-house therapist for prestigious high tech companies whose offices are based in central London.