Flavia Pennacchio

Flavia relocated to London from Italy four years ago. She had graduated in Business Economics but unfortunately, soon realized that this was not the career path she desired.
From a young age, she had been fascinated in the holistic approach to well being and actually used to massage friends and family for passion!
Flavia had been a professional Latin dancer but sadly was forced to give up because of injury. As one door closed, another unintentionally opened as part of her rehabilitation programme had her practicing Pilates and she has never looked back. She later then introduced Yoga to her practice.
Her caring personality and passion for Sports and well-being seemed to guide her to
becoming a Sports Massage Therapist.

Flavia completed her study and gained her Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy(level 5).

Flavia is a professional and passionate therapist who always aims to create a bespoke
treatment plan that meets her clients needs, and where possible, likes to incorporate some of
her Pilates knowledge within her treatments, predominately with her stretching and strengthening exercises.

She has treated runners affected with ITB syndrome but also less sportive people suffering with Piriformis syndrome, which often affects people that spend many hours seated.
She believes that Sports massage is a therapy that anyone can benefit from, not just those seeking relief from injuries related to sport.

Flavia is a member of the Complementary Therapist Association (CThA) and regularly attends accredited Continued Professional Development courses with the aim to enhance her treatments, the most recent being lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage.

She was hugely amazed by the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, especially in today’s world where the air is polluted and lifestyles tend to be stressful. Whilst treating clients with arthritis and those post-surgery, she has found Lymphatic drainage massage can help drain the excess fluid from the inflammatory process that occurs with arthritis and can also help with healing after surgery, reducing swelling, detoxify the body and improving the immune system.