Clare Seymour

Clare is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has worked as a specialist in hand and arm physiotherapy since 1991.  She spent 6 years working in the NHS as the lead Hand Therapy Physiotherapist for the South East Thames Region.  She then moved into the private sector and spent 7 years working in a private hospital before setting up The Hand Therapy Clinic Ltd in 2004.

Clare treats all conditions affecting the hand, wrist and elbow.  She looks after people following surgery or injury and also treats acquired conditions such as work related upper limb disorder, osteoarthritis, Dupuytren’s disease and carpal tunnel syndrome.  She works closely with local Hand Surgeons.

Clare uses a range of treatment modalities including: exercises therapy, joint mobilisations, ultrasound and acupuncture for pain.  She also makes bespoke splints.