Annika Spanggaard

Annika Spanggaard

Danish sports therapist Annika joined our team recently, having received her MSc in Sport Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University. She also has a Professional Diploma in Sports Injuries and Clinical Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Trigger point Therapy, the highest massage qualifications in the UK; and a BA in Psychomotor Therapy, which led her to work in a hospital in Paris, helping in-patients with their psychological and physical rehabilitation. She’s a member of BASRaT (British Association for Sports Rehabilitators and Trainers).

Annika is a total geek when it comes to movement.  In her personal life, growing up in Geneva, this has meant that she has become a keen and proficient sportswoman (climbing, hiking and cross-country skiing) and dancer (she’s danced for over 10 years, achieving professional diplomas in a variety of dance styles).  In her professional life, this means she’s both passionate and precise when it comes to assessing and helping you to improve your movement patterns, as this will help you to recover more quickly from injuries, and develop athletic ability faster and more effectively.

She has mainly been working with sports injuries (especially in rugby, football, running, cycling) but nonetheless also with the typical back and neck pain from sitting and/or standing all day long.

You should come for a treatment session with Annika if you have sustained an injury doing sports, if your injury doesn’t seem to subside although you’ve had it for a long time, if you want to improve your sports performance or simply if you are looking for a good old sports massage.