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2 weeks ago

HealthWise Natural Therapy Centre

I wanted to spend the next few days talking about food to help balance your hormones and explain to you how and why they do. Let's start with an easy one to integrate: RAW CARROTS.

Estrogen is an important hormone. But xenoestrogens from plastics, pesticides, chemicals, and water systems mean that in modern times our bodies can build up a lot of excess estrogens which can end up getting reabsorbed through the intestinal walls and being recycled around our bodies over and over again and lead to estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance can lead to PMS, fertility issues and hormonal acne. And it isn't exclusive to women, nope. Men can just as easily get man boobs and erectile dysfunction as a result of too much estrogen. So both men and women can both benefit from excreting excess estrogen from their bodies so they are left with just the right amount of estrogen necessary for important bodily functions, such as regulation of the menstrual cycle, the maturation of sperm and having a healthy libido.

This is where carrots come in. They actually contain a unique type of undigestible fibre which latches onto excess estrogens in the digestive tract and removes them from the body (when you poop!).

They need to be proper big carrots (not cooked or baby carrots), but you can eat them whole (Bugs Bunny style), chopped into sticks, or grate them into a salad. I do recommend buying organic carrots if you can afford it, as studies (and common sense!) have found that conventional carrots contain pesticide residues and have significantly higher nitrate concentration than organic carrots.

One a day is enough to make a difference and I recommend this cheap and easy solution to many of my clients with hormonal issues.

4 weeks ago

HealthWise Natural Therapy Centre


I find I'm spending a lot of time explaining to my clients what PREBIOTICS are. So I thought I'd do a post on it. Most of you know what PROBITOICS are, but I'll explain that too.

So PROBIOTICS are the healthy gut bacteria which we want flourishing in our gut. The more diversity of probiotics which have established themselves in our gut, the healthier we are.

Think of your GI tract like it is lined with parking spaces. The more parking spaces which are filled with healthy bacteria, the less chance there is for unhealthy bacteria (pathogenic bacteria which make us very sick) to establish themselves.

Some people spend a lot of money on expensive probiotic supplements, but there's no point spending that money and taking those probiotics, if you're not going to "feed" those bacteria and help them flourish and populate in your gut.

That is where PREBIOTICS come in. Prebiotics are the foods which our gut bacteria like to "eat". Technically they are a non-digestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines, such as the cellulose fibres in foods which we aren't able to break down ourselves through chewing or with the natural enzymes we secrete in the digestive process.

You want your gut bacteria to be like a garden which flourishes and grows and has a wide diversity of good bacteria. So try eat as many PREBIOTIC foods as you can to encourage as many good bacteria strains as you can to settle in and make themselves at home in your gut. Some great and inexpensive prebiotic foods are:


And there are loads more...why not start with a bowl of oatmeal?

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