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hypnosis for birthing blackheathChristine Frischholz
Have you ever thought about how to deal with the stresses leading up to and during birth? I have and I also believe that every woman deserves the chance of a 'Good Birth'. Whether they are planning a home or hospital delivery, it is their right to feel safe and relaxed.  Many women, although excited with the prospect of becoming a mother, feel nervous and fearful when thinking of childbirth.  The joy and excitement is often marred with fears and negative thoughts. How many times do we hear that childbirth is “so painful” and other women telling us that an epidural is their pre-selected choice to dull the guaranteed pain, rather than using it as a helping hand if need be? We are very rarely told that birthing a baby into the world is an enjoyable and empowering experience. 

As a hypnotherapist and a Grandmother –to-be, I decided that there must be an easier way and my natural progression introduced me to the world of Hypnosis during birthing. It’s simple really, the key to a comfortable birth is to stay relaxed and to keep your levels of anxiety and adrenalin to a minimum.  By keeping relaxed, focused and breathing steadily and rhythmically, your body will have the best chance of producing the right combination of birthing hormones to enable you to give birth the way nature intended.  If you are full of fear and adrenalin, your body will become tense and divert blood away from your uterus to the arms and legs, commonly known as the “fight or flight” syndrome, unfortunately making the contractions more painful and less effective and so consequently causing a longer labour. However, it follows that if you feel relaxed, all your energy can be channelled towards the uterus and your birthing body will be able to work more effectively. 

Hypnosis is a powerful, effective and natural means of achieving this focused feeling of relaxation. It can help you to overcome the fear of birth and can also pre-program you with positive suggestions which can hand you the tools you will need to achieve the experience you desire.  By preparing yourself during pregnancy, hypnosis can help you approach birth feeling calm and confident, so that when the birthing actually begins, all the positive suggestions that you've put in place start to kick in.  Women using hypnosis for childbirth find they are able to manage the sensations of birth more effectively and medical research shows that use of hypnosis for childbirth results in reduced surgical intervention, reduced use of pain medication and therefore a faster postnatal recovery. Using relaxation/self hypnosis techniques allows you to take control - after all it is Your body and Your baby.

This is not just theory, just ask my daughter. She and her husband used this technique for a planned homebirth and although she eventually delivered in hospital, the hypnosis during birth allowed for a controlled, stress free environment during a long labour. Through practice, they were able to fully enjoy the birthing of their daughter without the screams and shrieks of pain that really are just so unnecessary.

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