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Aromatherapy massage combines aromatic oils with a massage to make full use of our most primitive senses, smell and touch. It works through smell, inhalation and skin penetration by affecting our mind, memories, emotions, moods, body organs and cells.

Psychotherapy is the treatment of psychological and emotional problems using psychological principles. Psychotherapy includes the two elements of psychoanalysis and dynamic therapy. Psychoanalysis involves exploring the subconscious mind to find the origin of particular thought patterns and emotions. Dynamic therapy allows a person to understand their underlying feelings and cope with them more effectively.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool which uses hypnosis to facilitate change. Many people have misconceptions about hypnotherapy that they have picked up from stage shows and television. When you are in a state of hypnosis you will not be sleeping nor will you be ‘in my power’. You will be in a state of relaxation but aware of what is happening to you the whole time. Christine Frischholz is our hypnotherapy practitioner.

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